Cde Botshelo Zweli Tupane (Coordinating Secretary for Publicity & Information)




Botswana Teachers Union Publicity includes marketing, branding of the Union and dissemination of information to stakeholders. This requires coordinated efforts at the Regional, National and International levels.  Botswana Teachers’ Union acknowledges that the achievement of union branding and marketing requires commitment from union members and other stakeholders.  The Publicity Committee is endeavoured to collaborate and forge alliances with all active stakeholders in promoting and or raising the voice of the union in an effort to meet the international standards of advocacy and information dissemination in work places.



To disseminate information timely and accurately to both internal and external stakeholders.




Our policy objectives are as follows:

  1. Provision of media coverage for all the activities of BTU in all the geographic regions and international teachers’ related issues in order to create the necessary awareness to the public on the existence and objectives of the Union.
  2. Dissemination of timely information accurately to the general public in all the Regions.
  3. Participation in all BTU activities with key stakeholders for the purpose of publicity.
  4. Conceptualisation and production of both internal and external communication instruments, i.e. electronic, newsletters, public relations materials, press releases as well as maintaining traditional and digital media relations.
  5. To recommend to NEC an overall Publicity strategy for the promotion and branding of the Union.
  6. Identify the best means of proactively projecting positive corporate image of the Union.
  7. Budget, plan, implement, monitor and evaluated all activities concerning marketing and promotion of the Union.
  8. All Union promotional, marketing and publicity material must be routed through Publicity office to ensure that the Publicity standards are adhered to.




  1. Chairperson : Cde Botshelo Zweli Tupane
  2. Deputy Chairperson : Cde Tshepo Diphale
  3. Secretary: Cde Carter Seisa
  4. Deputy Secretary: Cde Mpho Ramogalane
  5. Additional Members (6)
    1. John Ndolo
    2. Steve Leboro
  • King Ntobi
  1. Kereng Bapaletswe
  2. Phillip Mokgosi
  3. Babedi Moesi
  1. Ex-officio – BTU IT Employee: Rapula Shono Mosalaesi