BTU and BOSETU BEC signs MoU allowing for attention to teachers’ invigilation issues

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On the 25th September 2017, Botswana Teachers Union in the company of BOSETU signed a memorandum of understanding with Botswana examination council. This signing of the memorandum comes at the right time when the relationship between teachers and the council seems to be at stake due to issues of late payment amongst others. The arrangement now means that, eventhough the marking and invigilation engagement of teachers comes as a piece job, the negotiation for the conditions of service will be attended to by unions. Engaging the Deputy Secretary General of BTU Cde E. Rebobonye on this issue, he said, “the signing of the memorandum comes as a positive development in line with what the BTU tagline of advocacy and protection”. He further said that MoU opens an opportunity for the union to dignify the invigilation and marking service offered by teachers to BEC. The deputy secretary general urged that as the union leadership, they have observed that during the marking process, teachers are only compensated well for their travelling expenses rather than the professional service they traded to the council which in this case is marking. He said they are worried that reimbursement for travelling expenses against the professional service of marking has demotivated teachers who come around places near the marking centers.