More Power Investment


More Power Investments


More Power Investments (MPI) is a holding company for Botswana Teachers’ Union (BTU). It is autonomous company registered in accordance with the Laws of Botswana, in 2012. MPI are specialist in optimised investments solution.

The Company’s mandate is to manage the Botswana Teachers Union Investments which is not limited to funeral scheme, computer scheme, housing scheme, legal scheme, property, hotel, insurances etc.  Botswana Teachers Union is also a shareholder.

As specialists in optimised and innovative investments solutions we offer financial services incorporating portfolio management.  Our teams encompass the skill, experience and sound judgment reflected in our business approach.

The following are the products and services we offer:

  1. Financial Security

Financial Security MPI offers the best loan scheme at affordable rates through

  1. Standard Chartered b)            Bank of Baroda                  c) Barclays Bank
  2. d) Bank ABC e) FNBB
  3. Short Loans


  1. Bulk airtime
  2. Mascom b)            Be Mobile

(Both are 24 months to prepaid contracts)

  1. Funeral Scheme
  2. Legal Scheme
  3. Computer Scheme
  4. Planet North Hotel
  5. Insurance Brookers

(For more information contact our offices)



Download the MPI Brochure HERE


Download the Funeral Brochure HERE


Download the CIB Brochure HERE


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