The Industrial Relations Office 


Dintle Joel Moring (Industrial Relations Officer)2

Mr Dintle Joel Moring (Industrial Relations Officer)

     The Industrial Relations is a newly established BTU Department (beginning January 2014). Its main mandate is to represent teachers’ .i.e. to attempt teachers’ grievances at the work place. The common reports reaching our office include that of forced transfers, salary upgrading and overtime issues.

We also represent our members during the Disciplinary Hearings where by cases such as that of absenteeism, negligence of duty and armourers relationships are the top in the agenda.

Since our work is too technical, (needs basic labour law expertise), we encourage our members to conduct themselves in a professional manner and above all, thoroughly familiarise themselves with the P.S.A. act No.30 of 2008. The act clearly states the types of misconduct and the punishments that could be instituted upon someone found guilty.

We also wish to encourage you to thoroughly study the procedures of a DISCIPLINARY HEARING. We have realised that at times our members are oppressed and disadvantaged by the outcome of the hearing due to the faulted proceedings.


Disciplinary Hearing Procedure can be downloaded here