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This year’s Botswana Teacher’s Union (BTU) annual end of year excursion saw about 100 members relieving stress through exciting activities that included riding quad bikes, camels, climbing sand dunes and swimming at Namibia’s beachside of Atlantic Ocean while they enjoyed the cool breeze that covered the beach environment at Swakopmound. The first day of the excursion saw comrades beautifully adorned in their swimming attires and enjoying the beach swim while others enjoyed their beverage and opted to invade the nearby mall on a shopping spree.

The following day was a highlight of the excursion that saw BTU excursioners boarding the fully air-conditioned Seabelo luxurious coach to visit the daredevils where everyone experienced the highlight of the of the excursion by travelling the Namib desert riding on quadbikes for an hour. It was indeed an exciting experience and no one wanted to be left behind. From a quad bike ride, it was now a camel ride which almost everyone was doing it for the first time but it was just amazing hoe the excursioners rode the camels confidently. Finally it was now over with riding and everyone had to now climb Namib desert’s highest dune on his feet and as expected only a handful fainthearted reached the peak.

On the third day, the excursion was scheduled for a boat cruise that was meant to unwind and relax as refreshments were served during the 3 hours boat cruise. After the boat cruise, BTU comrades were treated to dinner and music at the capital city’s hotel Safari on their way back to Botswana the following day.


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