An independent Teachers Trade Union representing the welfare, interests and values of all teachers – Secondary, Primary and Tertiary

To be the largest and best in advocacy for members welfare and improved socio-economic status


To realize our vision we strive to advocate and protect the welfare of our members through efficient and effective management of the Union in line with Botswana labour laws and international best practice.



  • To seek and maintain itself as a Union of teachers to be recognized on behalf of its members for better conditions of service
  • To attend to the welfare and interests of teachers
  • To strive for the improvement of academic and professional qualifications of its members
  • To institute when in a position to do so, a teacher aid scheme for the purpose of enabling members to ensure benefits such as: gratuity scheme, funeral scheme, savings and credit facilities, housing scheme, etc.
  • To provide service and institute legal proceedings on behalf of its members, either as a group or as individuals.
  • To foster a co-operate spirit among teachers and promote and maintain high standard of ethical conduct, professional integrity and professional efficiency in the promotion and maintenance of high teaching standards.
  • To do all such things as are in the interest of its members and which are consistent with the aims and objectives of BTU.



BTU has established fraternal relations with international organizations e.g. Educational International (EI), Southern Africa Teachers Organisation (SATO), Norwedian Union of Teachers (NL), Canadian Teachers Federation (CTF), All Africa Teachers’ Organisation (AATO).